When do I need another professional rather than a coach?


A coach can be a good complement to health professional. However, these professionals are required when the topic involves:


* Strong dependency on any substance natural or men made.

* Physical illnesses or mental (for example, severe depressions, etc) 

  • Traumas or phobias




What is the difference between a coach and a psychologist?


Both work bringing awareness to the current situation, and support the person to deal with better situations. 


One main difference is the severity underlying motivation of the topic. For example, a coaching topic could be like ¨to have a more bright outtake on life¨. If this topic is brought about because a strong depression, then it is better to seek a psychologist or medical doctor (if the depression is hormonal for instance) first. 


Taking a classical perspective, a psychology works exploring how past event contribute to define who we are today, and often focus on pathologies, traumas (mild or severe). The american association psychology says that psychology professional help people to cope with situations. Moreover, therapeutic approaches tend to be more open-ended and spread over many aspects of oneself during this process.


In contrast, coaching is interested in developing ones potential, and it is more future oriented, since it works from the current situation towards the desired outcome. Coaching is a focus intervention within a clearly defined topic. Although insights in one area bring positive benefit in other areas of life, to work is oriented towards the one topic at a time.


Psychological and coaching approaches are very complementary to each other.


How do I know whether I need another coaching approach?


We will certainly discuss that in our first check in. Generally speaking, if you want o know technical stuff, how to sing better or how to create a robot or how to play tenning, you probably better of with a specialised och in those areas. 


For example with you want to know how toast u a businessWithin coaching there a

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