Most of work focuses on with two lines of approach, and I use their techniques as there is need.


One line has a developmental approach and another a more empowering approach.

Both techniques support the client to develop new capabilities and take ownership of their lives.

Developmental Coaching


In this coaching style the work is focused on developing the necessary capacity to deal with the situation in a new way.


The focus primary focus is on capacity to see and act in the world with new skills. As the coaching sessions go by, the client becomes more skilful, and in consequence,  better able to manage their topic.


Let me Illustrate this with an analogy. Lets imagine that a client topic is ¨lifting a heavy box¨. In this case I will work with the person at the gym to build the necessary muscles. We will follow progress by the persons capacity of actual lifting the mix with more ease.

Empowering Coaching


In this coaching style the focus is much more on learning the specific skills and understanding required within the given topic.


Here the focus is on the topic, and as the client explores the topic, the ways to develop their skills.



Using the same image as before, if a client bring a topic about ¨lifting a heavy box¨. In this case the coaching work focuses on the direct skills and results needed by lifting the box. From intention to practical aspects. What we expect to get by lifting the box? In how many ways can one lift it? How can I practice lifting?

When coaching is not for you?


Coaching is a good complement to many practices.


However, it is important to prioritise specialised practitioners in the following topics:

  • Trauma and phobias 

  • Severe depression

  • Chemical dependency

  • Physical illnesses

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