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We support our clients to develop new skills and take ownership of their lives as fast as possible.  

The first step is to reveal one's unique approach to the challenge and aspirations in focus. Gradually, the process builds up the necessary capacity to deal with the situation in a new way.

To achive this new way, our programs integrate a number of different perspectives into its the design. Thus, we create taylor-made programs that improve the client’s capacity to:

  • Clearly see blockages and limiting factors

  • Practice effective behaviours and perspectives

  • Apply one’s insights into daily life

  • Develop new skills and improve existing ones

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A coaching topic can be developed around any challenge or vision that you would like to improve. 

Clarity and phrasing of the topic are key for developing an effective program. For this reason, the coaching topic is explored and delineated within the first working session.

The work develops around the topic mostly through a pre-determined amount of time, varying according to the progress speed and topic pertinence.

It is also possible to work open-ended, exploring the issues that are hot in a given session.

Coaching topic anchor

Most topics can be defined in a developmental and empowering way. We will explore your topic to define the developmental aspects of it within our first session.

In order to evaluate the fit between your topic and my approach, I offer you a free of charge pre-coaching conversation. Moreover, throughout our coaching work together, I will revisit both the topic question in order to incorporate insights and refinements, as well as, whether the chosen approach is the most appropriate to the client right now.

If you have any questions or would like to hear a more detailed explanation about the need for other approaches, you can book your free session on the button below.


Topics can be developed around areas such as:

  • Leadership;

  • Relationships;

  • Lifestyle changes;

  • Professional development;

  • Etc.

You can see concrete topics examples below

Image by Hans-Peter Gauster




For individual clients, topics  that can be created around personal and professional development, for instance:


  • Be better at delegating

  • Become better able to express my mind

  • Improve my capacity to listen.

  • Enhance my dialoguing skills by expressing my discernment with less judgement

  • Have more clarity about my personal purpose

  • Make more time for things that are important to me in my free time

  • Improve my leadership by letting go of tight control and not micro-manage

  • Improve my leadership by taking hold of issues and not managing them too loosely

  • Etc.

For group coaching, topics around group dynamic, learning together and cooperation provide good examples of potential topics.

  • To improve the ways we learn together

  • To strengthen innovation in our culture

  • to design efficient meetings



Coaching is a good complement to many practices.


However, it is important to prioritise specialised practitioners to address the following topics:

  • Trauma and phobias 

  • Severe depression

  • Chemical dependency

  • Physical illnesses

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